Current Version: 
Release Date: 
 March 2017
Platform Support: 
Apple iPhone/iPad

ShellZam is available for download via the Apple ITunes Store


ShellZam is the classic shell game, but without any slight of hand.  Simply follow the shell with the ball if you can.  ShellZam is fully customizable making it challenging and fun for all ages.   

Earn awards for correct guesses while possibly losing awards for incorrect ones.  When audio is enabled, Chippy the Chipmunk and his friends provide comments after each guess.  Be on your toes, however, because Chippy can get, er well..., “Chippy” after incorrect guesses.  So much so, that you may be tempted to guess incorrectly just to hear what he has to say.  (At least you can always use that as an excuse!)

Game Options:

Configurable shuffle speed:
Configurable number of shells (3 to 5)
Configurable number of shuffle moves (4 to 20)
Audio on/off (turn Chippy and his friends comments on or off)

Forward comments,  questions, or support issues regarding ShellZam by clicking on the link below.

ShellZam Support

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